Who we are

Our website address is: http://www.dermafity.com/.


We acknowledge receipt of your Personal Identifiable Information (PPI) and we will use this write up to inform you of how your data is collected and used. This is in compliance with privacy laws in the EU and other parts of the world. Kindly read through the entire script to understand how our website utilizes your data and to get a guarantee of your safety.


Data collected from our subscribers and viewers


This website has a database of all the details entered during the following processes:

1. Following. The information collected includes your name, email address, or your website’s address

2. Commenting. When you decide to engage with us, you will be asked to submit the name, address, and your website (if available)

3. Subscription. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will provide us with both your name and an email address

4. Surfing the Website. Whenever you visit our site, the IP address makes it possible to identify your geographical location

5. Marketing and Purchases. When you buy an item through our site, you may be required to fill in delivery information and any other information that will facilitate a smooth purchase of the product. In some cases, you may be requested to participate in a survey to determine the efficiency of a service provided by this site


How we use your data    


All the information you provide during registration is never shared. It is used for the SOLE purpose of modifying our content to suit your needs. Your feedback helps us to answer any question that you may have regarding our articles.


Data Protection


Any data collected from you is NEVER shared with any other entity for any purpose. Also, we guarantee that we do not ask for private information such as credit card numbers.

We only collect data through consent. Never feel coerced to provide information to us.

Also, you have the right to decline data submission or unsubscribe from your subscriptions.

All your information is encrypted and only accessible to authorized persons to ensure that it is protected from cyber-criminals.


Use of Cookies


This website uses cookies. You will, however, be prompted to allow the use of cookies. If you’re uncomfortable, you will have the option to decline.


Cookies aid to recognize your information and browser and can be used by third party vendors (including Google) to give customized Ads. If you are uncomfortable with these Ads, you can opt out by visiting Google’s website.


Disclosure of Information


This website does not share your Personally Identifiable Data with third parties without your consent. This excludes web hosting companies and other parties who are legally bound to keep this information private.


Also, note that non-personally identifiable information can be used for other purposes including advertising and marketing purposes.


Once in a while, we may participate in affiliate activities in this site. The third party links come with own privacy policies. We, however, endeavor to protect you by whatever means. As such, you can pass any complaints through our feedback channels to help us enhance the integrity of this site.


Terms and Conditions


This privacy policy is legally binding. We will regularly update it to comply with the dynamic legal environment without necessarily notifying you. You will get the updates strictly from this page. If you have any queries on the privacy policy, you may submit them through [email protected]