Maintaining a Healthy Skin: 10 Tips that Works

You’ve always struggled in maintaining a healthy skin but every effort you put into it backfires! You have come to an end after trying all the recommendations you have acquired from friends with little success.

As you’ll learn, maintaining a healthy skin requires discipline and commitment! 

Before we continue, you should note that proper skin care is more of a “within” than a “without” business. Wondering what this means? It’s simple- a healthy skin is contributed by 85% diet and 15% of external solutions!

With this fact, you’re probably starting to realize where you’ve been going wrong all this time, right? Well, you should henceforth concentrate on your internal self before rushing to use cosmetics and other concoctions!

Read on for top 10 tips that will revolutionize your skin care habits.

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Tips for maintaining a healthy skin

Why is the Skin Vulnerable

Have you wondered why maintaining a healthy skin is quite a challenge? The skin is highly exposed to the external environment.

As such, any change in the environmental conditions will directly impact your skin. Generally, the skin receives all the wrath of nature. In fact, it serves to protect your internal organs from damage!

There has been a wave of industrialization globally which has led to an increased release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. These pollutants have free radicals that adversely affect the health of your skin.

If you are exposed to extreme levels of cigarette smoke, pesticides, and factory emissions, then maintaining a healthy skin will be  a significantly bigger challenge for you.

Such products make your skin to lose collagen which makes it look older than it should be! They expose you to the risk of developing moles and acne which will definitely destroy the integrity of your skin!

As such, you should keep off these pollutants if you can.

Well, we understand that you may not be able to avoid some of the pollutants. However, you’ll win the skin care battle by improving on what you eat and wear to protect your skin. We will give you the tips to maintain a supple skin all through!

Maintaining a Healthy Skin: What to Avoid

With the modern-day hype on marketing and the rise in the cosmetology industry, it is unlikely that you’ll get a genuine solution to your skin problems. Here, we will unreservedly tell you the genesis of the troubles you’ve always encountered with your skin!

We choose to take a different route of helping you address the problem from the roots rather than treating the symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why you always get acne recurrence even after using the most expensive creams and gels?

Well, think about it this way;

A farmer wants to eliminate stubborn herb that is shielding their crops from getting enough light. They decide to prune the herbs since it appears easy and less involving. To their amazement, they realize that the herb sprout after two weeks which forces them to repeatedly keep on pruning. If you look at this case, the farmer chose to prune instead of uprooting the problem from the roots! Cumulatively, the farmer will spend more time and resources than if they uprooted the herb together with the roots.

In the same way, you may be using the wrong approach to eradicate your skin problems! What you need is to treat the root cause of the problem but not the symptoms.

Stop using too much time to fight the problems, rather seek to establish the root cause. You should avoid the following to maintain a healthy skin:

  1. Oily food

That these foods compromise the integrity of your skin is a no-brainer. Whether it’s your favorite fried chicken or that fried egg, they’ll have adverse effects on your skin!

The super-heated oils trigger the release of free radicals in the body which leads to oxidative stress on the skin cells leading to a relatively faster-aging process.

This is manifested as wrinkles, blemishes, and spots on your skin! Worse still, the oils may trigger inflammation which further complicates your effort to maintain a healthy skin.

You can use coconut or olive oils as alternatives and avoid overheating them.  Also, get into the habit of eating grilled, smoked, or braised dishes!

    1. Sugary food. You should minimize the levels of sugars you take if you’re determined in maintaining a healthy skin. Sugar forms compound in the body releasing oxidizing by-products in the process. These compounds (Advanced Glycation End Products) and the by-products destroy collagen, fibrin, and elastin which are essential in maintaining a vibrant and youthful
    2. Coffee.

coffee, acne

Well, this is undoubtedly a beverage of choice for many! I am not here to discourage you from taking coffee.

Rather, I’ll advise that you do it with moderation if you want a clear, flawless skin. Coffee contains high levels of polyphenolic compounds such as tannins and caffeine.

These compounds may cause the blockage of skin pores leading to a severe acne outbreak! Want a smooth skin? Well, we recommend that you go for herbal tea. Just take coffee once in a while.

Top 10 Tips of Maintaining a Healthy Skin

Having told you what to avoid to keep your skin clear, this section will highlight the best tips that will guarantee a smooth skin.

They include:

1. Golden Rule; Keep your Skin Clean! This is a critical tip for maintaining a healthy skin. Always ensure that your skin is free from debris that may clog the skin pores leading to acne. You’ll achieve this by:

  • Always remove your make up before sleeping. If you’re fond of using makeups, you should not take it to the bed! Always remove them and wash your skin thoroughly before sleeping.
  • Clean your skin using friendly cleansers. Regularly clean your skin after exercising to avoid accumulation of dirt which will compromise the health of your skin. Only use soaps that you’ve tested and proved that they work well to avoid allergies.
  • Exfoliate your skin. While this is important, you should avoid overdoing it! Only do it once a week to remove dead cells that would block the skin pores.
  • Clean your bed sheets. Cleanliness is a top priority if you need to maintain a clear skin. Change the pillow cases and bed sheets regularly.

2. Eat Right. Concentrate more on the solutions that come from within your body than those from outside. You need to improve your diet to contain foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants.   Some of the foods you should eat include:

    • Nuts. All form of nuts will boost your effort of maintaining a blemish-free skin. They include walnut, groundnuts, and cashew nuts.
    • Vegetables. Ensure that you take lots of green vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. They include foods like spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower among others.
    • Fruits. Take fruits rich in vitamin C and Vitamin E. These vitamins are antioxidants and contribute significantly to eliminating destructive free radicals.
    • Fatty Fish. They include salmon, herring, and mackerel. These food sources are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and Zinc which are necessary for keeping the skin thick and moisturized all the time. If you keep eating these substances, you’ll acquire the unique ability to fight inflammation and acne on your skin thus maintaining a clear skin.
    • Green tea. The catechins in green tea improve the texture of your skin. Its antioxidant ability protect the skin from free radicals thus providing crucial anti-aging benefits. To get the best out of this, you should avoid drinking the green tea with milk.

3. Drink Plenty of Water. You can’t afford to forego fluids if you need a supple and smooth skin. Dehydration will result in a dull looking skin resulting in a quick aging process. As such, ensure that you take a minimum of eight glasses of water daily.

Water for a healthy skin

4. Avoid Overexposing your Skin to Sun. While a little sunshine is necessary for vitamin D synthesis, too much of it is harmful to your skin. If you must stay under the sun for long, ensure that you apply sunscreen before leaving the house!

5. Have Enough Sleep! When you sleep, you give your skin time to rejuvenate with the net effect of it being youthful and attractive. During sleep, the body releases hormones that help your skin relax thus repairing itself in the process. Ensure that you get at least eight hours of quality sleep every day.

6. Exercise Regularly. Need a healthy skin? If yes, then you have no option but to exercise regularly. These activities increase oxygen and nutrients circulation which guarantees that the skin will never be deficient in these crucial elements. Also, the exercises allow you to sweat losing toxins in the process while opening the skin pores for proper aeration. However, you should always bath after the exercise!

Did you know that smiling is the best exercise you can have for your face?

7. Always go for natural products! Some cosmetic products contain harmful substances which compromise the health of your skin. Using the synthetic products should be the last resort. Instead use natural products such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, potato juice, tomato juice, cucumber, and lemon juice. If you need oil, you can go for Aloe Vera which is more natural and has additional benefits for your skin.

8. Steam Your Skin.  You should regularly steam your face to open up the skin pores and prevent bacterial infections. When the skin pores open, your body will dispose of the toxins thus maintaining its ideal health.

9. Avoid Stress! Well, with the increasing bills and the rising cost of living, it may sound unrealistic that one can live a stress-free life. While stress may be unavoidable, you can work on managing it. Engage in activities that reduce stress level including yoga and meditation. Also, find a trustworthy friend who you can confide in to avoid stress!

10. Do not Experiment with Your Skin. Only use products that you’re sure they’ll have no severe side effects on your skin. If you must use inorganic substances, you should first consult your dermatologist for professional guidance.

Bottom Line

Want a flawless skin? Well, we’ve unearthed the secrets that you need to implement to achieve your desires. Ensure that you read through this article carefully and implement the tips to achieve the skin texture and complexion that you’ve been longing for.

Never take shortcuts! Maintaining the integrity of your skin may appear like too much work but you’ll realize how easy it is once you stick to the routine for just two weeks. The results will be exhilarating and you’ll have absolutely no difficulty maintain the trend!

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