Proven Tips for Selecting Facial Products that Actually Work

Selecting facial products is a tricky exercise especially when you’re unaware of your skin type. You may have wondered why certain products work absolutely well on your friend’s face but react negatively on your skin.

Well, there are many factors that could lead to such a scenario but the leading one is the differences in the skin type.

Different individuals have varying skin types which should be treated uniquely! As such, you should never try a product on your face based on hearsay.

Tips for Selecting Facial Products

Selecting facial products to require proper implementation of these steps:

  • Know your skin type. The manufacturers make products that suit all the skin types. As such, knowing your type will be a plus since you’ll only select those facial items that have been manufactured specially for your skin. To understand reliable methods of knowing your skin type, visit this elaborate and easy-to-understand article
  • Know what you need. The worst mistake you can make is to use products meant for your hair on your skin! There exist different products for different parts of your skin. When selecting facial products, ensure that you read the manufacturers’ instructions to confirm whether the product can be used on your face safely. If there are no indications, it’s always advisable that you contact the salesperson of that particular product and check its online reviews before use
  • Test the product before use. Your face is the most conspicuous part of your body and you wouldn’t like to mess it up! As such, you should only apply products that will work as desired on your skin. You’ll achieve this by first testing the products before application. Just apply a small amount of the specific product on a section of your skin. Leave it for approximately 2 hours then wash it off. Observe whether there is any adverse effect. If none, you may want to stay for about one week as you monitor the section. You aren’t in a hurry after all, right? Never rush! You’d rather be slow but sure. Only adopt a product that you’re sure it’ll have no adverse side effect on your skin

If you follow these tips religiously, you can be sure that your effort in selecting a facial product will yield the intended purpose.

Why Facial Products Meant for Your Skin Can Have Adverse Side Effects

Like we’ve already indicated, the skin is a highly complicated and sensitive body organ. While knowing your skin type is a necessary step when selecting facial products, it’s not the only determinant of the safety of these particular products.

It’s possible to choose a product that’s clearly meant for your skin type, yet it reacts adversely on your skin. When this happens, you should discontinue its use immediately.

If the effects do not stop after halting the use of the facial product, you’ll require to be checked by your dermatologist.

But what exactly causes the side effects?

There are several factors that will lead to severe side effects even when you’re using a product that’s clearly meant for your skin type. They may include:

  • Allergic reactions. Your skin is highly sensitive and may not be compatible with some components in your facial product of choice. Some of the common allergens include fragrances, perfumes, and other specific ingredients in your product.
  • Incorrect Application. It does not matter whether the product you’re using is specially meant for your skin type, when you use it inappropriately, it will have severe side effects. To avert this, it’s advisable that you use the right quantities of the product on your face. If you’re not sure of the procedure that you can use for the application, always ensure that you make inquiries from the manufacturer before you start using it.
  • Failure to adequately clean your face. Do not let a product overstay on your face. If the instructions are to use it for 10 minutes then wash it off with water, you should do exactly that. Any extension with the hope of improving the results will backfire leading to severe side effects!

What to Avoid When Selecting Facial Products

There are some primary factors that you should avoid when selecting facial products for your use. They include:

  1. Selecting Facial Products Whose Expiration is nigh. Most of us will agree that they forget to regularly confirm the expiration status of household products. As a result, you may end up using an expired product and only realize it when it’s too late. You may think that you’ll have used all the product by the end of the expiry period, but that does not always happen! The safest approach is to select facial products that have several months of allowance for expiry.

For example:

If you use 50 grams of a product within a month, ensure that you buy one that has 3 months and above expiry period. This way, you’ll be sure that you’ll be through with the product before it expires. If you pick one that expires exactly after the one month, you may skip using it for some days and it’ll not be used up by the expiry date. This exposes you to a high risk of using an expired product. Remember that you’re a busy individual and some of the specific details may skip your attention! You’d rather be safe than sorry.

  1. Ingredients that Irritate Your Skin. You may think that the irritation is normal since it goes away after a while. However, it’s possible that it’ll build up into a complicated problem in the future. Never ignore any irritation when you apply a product! If it does hurt, discontinue it and select facial products that will work on your face without causing any damage on it!
  2. Trying Out a New Product on Your Face. It’s not advisable to change your skincare routine unless there are side effects on the current products! Nevertheless, you can change only if you’re sure that those that you’re adopting are safe for your use.

But how will you determine this?

Well, all you need is to perform a skin patch test before applying it entirely on your face.

You’ll achieve this by applying it on a small section of your skin (preferably the elbow). After the application, you should wait for approximately 6 hours and observe for severe side effects. If you’ll uncomfortable with it, you should discontinue its use.

  1. Avoid Products with Paraben as an Ingredient. You should develop the habit of checking the specific ingredients of every product that you purchase. Some ingredients have a questionable reputation and you should avoid them at all cost! A good example of this is paraben. The European Commission advises against the use of the products with paraben due to safety issues. Although the CDC finds no safety alarms over the product, it’s necessary to take precautionary measures. After all, prevention is better than later regrets!

What Should I Include In the Basket When Selecting Facial Products?

Selecting facial products can be overwhelming due to the large options that you may have to choose from! However, there are basic things that should never miss in your shopping cart. They include:

  • Cleansers. The cleanser will help in removing makeup leftovers to prevent a buildup that would adversely affect the skin. You should ensure that you select a cleanser that will remove only the dirt but not the natural oils. We recommend that you choose one that has glycerin and essential oils. If your skin is dry or hypersensitive, you should be extra careful when selecting the cleanser. Ensure that you first test for its efficiency before entirely adopting it
  • Exfoliators. Scrubbing your face is a crucial step of ensuring that you maintain a flawless skin. However, ensure that you only use products that are meant for your skin
It’s easy for you to get excited when you see your skin glow after every exfoliation. However, you MUST develop the art of restraining and discipline! If you overdo it, you’ll eventually get an inflamed and acne-prone face. Only scrub your face a maximum of twice a week!

Also, it’s important to note that some exfoliators may contain chemical elements such as 5% glycolic acid or salicylic acid. If you’re using such a product, we recommend that you include sunscreen in your routine. These chemicals make your skin highly sensitive which can lead to sunburns and acne.

  • Moisturizer. An ideal moisturizer will keep your skin glowing. This is particularly important for individuals with dry skin or a combination of skin. However, it does not mean that you entirely neglect a moisturizer if you have oily skin. You may think that a moisturizer will make your skin excessively shiny, but you’ll be surprised to realize that that is not true! However, you may want to consider using moisturizers with glycolic acid or salicylic acid if your skin is oily. The moisturizer protects your skin from early wrinkles and excessive aging. Never miss this beneficial beauty constituent!
  • Sun Protection. If you’re working under the sun, it’s always advisable that you use a sunscreen. It’s recommended that you use a sunscreen that has a minimum of 30 SPF which guarantees 97% blockage of UVB rays

Bottom Line

Selecting a facial product is a crucial step in every beauty routine. Your face is highly conspicuous and you should never gamble with it. Always ensure that you only choose products that work well with your face. You may need to carry out skin patch tests before starting the use of certain facial products.

Also, ensure that you know your skin type and only select those products that are specially manufactured for use with the specific skin type. Cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing your skin is necessary to ensure that you manage a flawless skin. Ensure that you maintain consistency throughout the process and avoid changing the products anyhow.

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